Thrower's Skills 23 inches down to 2.5 inches

Explore the Art Pottery produced at the ALLER VALE POTTERY from 1881 until early 1900′s. The best production from Aller Vale is hard to find and this site will introduce you to it. Originally run as a philanthropic, not-for-profit, pottery, the output was very flexible, with pottery shapes and patterns under constant change. When the founder, John Phillips, died in 1897, the pottery continued to flourish under new ownership (of Hexter Humpherson & Co, who had already acquired the Watcombe pottery from a bankruptcy) until the demands of the new holiday trade lead to a gradual switch to production of mottowares* in the opening years of the twentieth century, and the best decorators left the pottery to take their skills elsewhere.

(* ‘mottoware’ –  pottery decorated with Scandies, Cockerels, Cottages on a cream ground with a motto.)

This site features my choice of the best of Aller Vale, most of these pots are extremely hard to find. The rarity can be put down to the fragile nature of the pottery, many otherwise fine pots will have been consigned to rubbish tips, even now. Some pots were also of special production for exhibitions, but lacking any records from the time this cannot be established.

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Please also see Aller Vale at  www.torquaypottery.co.uk


Aller Vale vase decorated in coloured slips with a Bird, 12ins high Aller Vale vase decorated in coloured slips with a Dragon, reverse side, 12ins high