Loving Cups

This style of straight sided Loving Cup seems to be unique to Aller Vale. Considering that the previous use of the site was the manufacture of drain pipes, amongst other things, this design which is an early one, could well have been based on a pipe with handles added.

This type of pot was used with a wide variety of decoration.

These are very early examples, being dated 1885 and 1886. They commemorate the birth of children from the same family in Kingskerswell, Devon, where the pottery was based.

The Q1-style decoration on this one is minimal, with the script, possibly, recording the victorious tour of the country with Sir William and Lady Hamilton in 1802. He was styled Nelson Bronte after the award of the Dukedom of Bronte, in Sicily, by King Ferdinand in 1799. Although why that should have been commemorated by Aller Vale some 80/90 years later is only to be guessed.

This beautifully decorated piece uses enamels to produce the front and back decorations, clearly work of some skill.

I have seen other pieces on this pinky ground, such as a Horse, Duck amongst reeds and Fruit, all quite exceptional.

I believe that this style with these handles are a later version. They are larger at around 8″ compared to 6″.

This commemorates the 100th score of 100 runs (a century) by Dr W G Grace in 1895. He is seen here taking guard at the wicket; I have also seen a version where he has struck the ball with the bat held aloft.

The reverse side is crossed stumps and a ball.

He played for Gloucester county cricket club and they may have commissioned these pieces

The excellent bird in slip decoration amongst swirling scrolls is yet another example of the quality designs applied to this shape.

Decorated with the Barnstaple coat of arms, amid the Q1 decoration style